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Geraldine l BiGender l Questioning l 15

Not sure what to put here...
Uh.. I'm a big dork who is unsure about the world and what I think about myself XD.
Beside that I like to draw and play video game, but I do not call my self a gamer, I just enjoy games here and there.
I love hockey though. LOVE IT. But sadly can't play it, my mom thinks it's too violent lol.


Commishies: CLOSED Trades: ASK ME

You Owe Me:

I Owe You:

To Do List:
- Gatwick Reference
- Viridian Reference


Awesome People List. (IN NO ORDER)

Honored to be Watched by.

Inspirations/Amazing Artists. (IN NO ORDER)

Custom Skin by TechnicolorDog

love this weirdo :DDDDD -LeNaLeE

I have always known this clown :D, and she has always made me smile through everything. A lot of people I know would question why I am hanging out with such a weirdo but I wouldn't be happier hanging out with anyone else. She is the kind of person you would stay at home and chill with for hours on end, she would also be your tail in the store (literally)...she also would be the one you want to take everywhere with you. When she's not with you, you feel naked XD. She is the person I share my darkest secrets with and not get judged by her. We can listen to each others music and jam out no matter what cause we like the same non-mainstream music and all the classics (rap and pop). I am proud to say she brings out my outer and inner nerd because she is one of the biggest nerdz I know :D.

She is not just my cousin she is my sister...and we are part of a group called the triplets

This Hoe runs the show - jayice

My sis is the type person who has dreams and wants to complete them. She's also the type of person that don't gives a damn what people think of her, she's funny, cool, keeps her secrets. If you see her sitting alone at a school or anywhere, I'm going to have say that will be her. Her and I are like the same but at the same time we're not, for example we're out going, stubborn, determined, love for music an art, food, kitties but when it comes to clothes we totally have different tastes an style. If you think about it, i like fashion/lazy style and lazy is her type of style, i guess what i am trying to say that, if i saw her closet it would be just lazy stuff, and i would totally love what she has in her closet(i find that weird). Another thing that is weird between us, so we're both OCD but if her drawing bugs her she has to fix it, if i try to fix it... i get to impatient, if its my dancing i would practice that move for hours if i had too. When it comes to our rooms its different worlds, her room is always a mess and my room is always clean (not always its just I'm to lazy to pick up things after i use it or touched it) i really don't understand how that doesn't bug her, obviously it bugs me. She is that type of person where you can laugh at different verities of stuff. She's also that type of person where you can talk to for hours on weird/how was your day conversations, even texting you'll have hours beyond hours of texting but that will be in one day though, an in person you have to drink water every 30 min cause thats how much you'll be talking. i would go on for hours about her but i don't want to at the moment, so if ya want to know more my deviant is 'Numbersz'


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Loroxga Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014
Thanks for the fav. I really appreciate it
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Amanska Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
About… I really hate to say this but..
are you still going to use the adopt (#3) cause maybe
we can make I deal cause I really loved this babe

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WildAnimeKittyKat Featured By Owner May 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Ithin I cacaught you're kiriban x
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